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Campaign Speech For Student Council.

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Hi Everybody!!!!!! First of all, we want to apologize. We were planning to do an extraordinary speech, which was a skit depended on PowerPoint. By the way, we did not know that we could use PowerPoint until a kindhearted teacher STRONGLY recommended it, and so we did. But at the last minute, we were told that the projector and screen were not available. What a shame! We spent so much effort and time to make the PowerPoint and design the skit for days. Our original speech was so different from the other speeches that we feel sorry you could not see it. Therefore, we sincerely apologize for this.Aren't you sick and tired of the school life in this dreadful private girls' school? Don't you want to have something fun and exciting to look forward to every single month? Don't you want to be familiar with those 'new faces'? At least, we do, and we believe that you do as well. We believe that every single private student would want to have a breathtaking and memorable year, which after decades when we recall our high school life, it will still be fresh in our minds. As an IB student, we should not only focus on academic works, but also on the extracurricular activities too. Because what an IB student should acquire at the end of these two years is being an all-rounded person. This will also be one of our goals as an Activities Coordinator.We will roughly divide events into small and big. There will be a lot of small events going on each semester, for example, music contest, cooking...

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