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Campaign Speech Sydney SchroederToday you are witnessing the rise; the rise of a political party like no other. A party that is committed to the people of Canada, and makes sure the government works for those who have elected them, not for big corporations. A party that brings people together, building bridges between urban and rural areas whilst bringing closer the different points of views that exist in this country. This party is known as the CNA Party, Canadian New Age Party. My name is Sydney Schroeder and I am here today representing the CNA as a candidate for Prime Minister.In this election, Canadians have said loud and clear that too many families can't make ends meet; that too many children are living in poverty; that they have had enough of the same old debates, they deserve better. That is why we dare to bring about change. One in seven children in Canada is living in poverty and it's not fair - it's essentially punishing them for a crime they didn't commit. Poverty has been steadily rising in Canada, since the mid 1990's and its time that changed. Through a series of integrated policies, the Canadian New Age Party is striving to cut child poverty by 50% in the next 10 years. By strengthening early learning, education, affordable housing, and health services, as well as raising the minimum wage to $13 across Canada, and increasing the Child Benefit by $500, child poverty can be history.It's no secret that the only way to have a bright future for Canada, one that's filled with hard-working citizens is to improve our education system. For students and their families, it's getting harder to save for post-secondary education, let alone manage the debt that can follow; yet skills training and college or university education can be what sets Canadians on the...

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739 words - 3 pages In 1966 Martin Luther King decided to focus on dealing with the problems in the North particularly Chicago. The problems that he encountered here were very different to those that he had had so much success with in the South. Dealing with the economic and social segregation that he faced here proved difficult for several reasons.The problems facing blacks in the North, stemmed from a variety of different areas including education, employment

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704 words - 3 pages , the suffragettes gave up their campaigning for the vote, and started campaigning about the war. I think the government might have taken note of this, that they could make themselves useful, and considered the vote for women. Whilst all of the men were away fighting, and all of the women were working in the factories, and every other job that had been left vacant, the suffragists were still quietly campaigning. It

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2447 words - 10 pages Lawn signs, television advertisements, billboards, and political rallies are some of the key components of a successful political campaign. A political campaign is an organized effort which seeks to influence the democratic public that is voting for its elected officials. These seemingly trifling parts of a campaign cost money. Money equals power, is the political mantra in today’s society. Campaigning can cost millions of dollars, and it is

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874 words - 3 pages the other hand did not have time to think about campaigning for the vote. They were busy washing, polishing and cleaning their homes. They were not bothered and did not have time to take an interest. Queen Elizabeth for example, did not want to gain the women's vote. She, and many other women agreed that they were happy to leave the men to discuss and worry about politics. They saw that giving the vote to women would

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549 words - 2 pages Political Campaign Reform Political campaigns have a consistently negative reputation. William Pfaff states in "The Threat of Demagogic Oligarchy" that in order to reform our system of campaigning in America, the government must forbid political advertising on radio and television. This is necessary because political campaigning manipulates viewers through its overly expensive campaign ads, set forth by overly powerful lobbyists in the


857 words - 3 pages In politics it would be novel to have a gracious rival. Modern political campaigners might take a lesson in graciousness and kindness from the great British statesman, Edward Campbell .Once when Campbell was opposing Thackereay for a seat in Parliament, the two contenders, in course of their campaigning, met and engaged in friendly conversation. On taking leave of his rival Thackereay remarked,'May the best man win!''Oh, no,' replied Campbell

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1901 words - 8 pages Why Women Gained the Vote in 1918 In 1918, women had finally gained the right to vote, after 68 long and hard years of campaigning and rebelling they finally got the vote they wanted. The women had tried everything like campaigning, getting them selves arrested, using the media and many more things were done. However, there were a couple of things that they did which really helped them get the right to vote and they

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1642 words - 7 pages Why did women gain the vote in 1918?In 1918, women had finally gained the right to vote, after 68 long and hard years of campaigning and rebelling they finally got the vote they wanted. The women had tried everything like campaigning, getting them selves arrested, using the media and many more things were done. However, there were a couple of things that they did which really helped them get the right to vote and they were the fact that they

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1243 words - 5 pages democrats was $1,107,080,937. From small individual contributions, he raised $233,215,440 and from large individual contributions he raised $489,660,089 (“2012 presidential race,” 2012). Millions of dollars was spent on the 2012 presidential election by republicans with barely anything to show for it. Barack Obama’s campaigning started way earlier than Mitt Romney’s. In May, June, July and August alone, Obama had already spent $245 million in

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1731 words - 7 pages Elections are a fundamental part to American politics. There are a lot of factors that play into how elections carry themselves, but what is more important is the work that goes into preparing for them. The elections are like the Baseball World Series and the campaigning is all the training that you have done before hand. Elections are the important part of the game, but without all the campaigning that is done there can be no elections

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1791 words - 7 pages (rather than state) government, and this party encouraged all women’s support not just those who have received an education. It also used attention-grabbing tactics in order to show that they truly care by going out of their comfort zone. National Women’s Party (NWP’s) contributions to the suffrage movement were most effective due to their drastic approaches such as different forms of campaigning, picketing during wartime, and their maltreatment

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