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Joshua Michael Stern is a relatively new director in the world of feature films, with Swing Vote being his most current film, he is also known for movies such as Neverwas and The Amityville Horror. He comes from a family who comes from directors and show business creators, his grandfather, Jules Green, was the original executive producer of The Tonight Show, his grandmother was a studio executive and discovered British talent and brought it to America (Stern, Richman).

Swing Vote takes place in election time in a small town of Texico, New Mexico, where we are introduced to the main character, played by Kevin Costner, Bud. He is a recently let-off slob with a very proactive daughter, Molly, who runs the household. On Election day Molly tries to convince Bud to go vote, but Bud responds by stating that one vote never mattered. Molly illegally votes for her father, but while she is getting ready to select her candidates, the power gets cut, and her vote counted, as a blank vote. Election night comes down to one state, New Mexico, one county, and more importantly, one vote, Bud's. The candidates and the media come to Texico and persuade and prod Bud, with each campaign manager straying from the candidates' beliefs to get Bud's vote (Swing Vote).

Swing Vote shows an extreme amount of questionable political behavior and happenings, so much that could never be possible, such as an election actually coming down to one vote, and the Republicans and Democrats literally switching beliefs, but the movie shows the extremes that candidates go through to get elected. When political campaigns take off, there is no stopping the onslaught of ads, promises, mud-slinging, and sometimes flat out lies that arise when these candidates, and more precisely, their campaign managers and biased news stations, try to win your vote. It seems like every 30 seconds during election time you're hearing some candidate's promises and ambitious dreams that he or she will likely never even attempt to fulfill. If the political system of the United States is going to continue for much longer, then we need to expose what goes on in Washington, including the seasoned unfair mud-slinging practices and outrageous campaign spending. By stopping the lies and ballooning costs, we can save our integrity and allow for the common man to have a possibility to run, and possibly even prevent a revolution. This kind of behavior needs to be curtailed in order to keep the system's integrity.

Swing Vote's Presidential hopefuls have similarities to Bill Clinton and Bob Dole, who ran for president in 1992, because both of their campaign and political consultants seemed to run the campaigns for them, and in the case of Bob Dole, “the consultants made their presence felt beginning in July, after Dole ran into a rough patch after making some unscripted comments.” Dole's own consultants showed their disappointment in Dole's public speaking ability, and as such his consultant soon enough...

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