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A school’s main priority should be to keep children safe, while teaching them core values and expanding their knowledge. Is campus construction a good idea during school hours? Will the children be able to focus on what is inside of the classroom? Will the kids be safe? Will the end result be worth all of the trouble in the making? What are the effects of construction on campus?

Everybody knows that construction can be very noisy! Now imagine trying to listen to a strict english teacher’s lesson. It might be kind of hard! With all of the loud thumps and bumps, there is no way you could easily devote your brain to the knowledge being offered. If a student can not focus during their class, chances are they are going to miss some important information. If this information is never heard , it can not be remembered for a test. This can cause a student to get a bad or failing grade on this test. Bad grades don’t get college scholarships. The construction has the potential to keep a student from getting good grades or even worse, getting into college. This is one way construction during school can have a negative effect on students.

Anybody can understand that it takes time to build success. Success is not handed to you overnight, and it certainly is not being built over night! The long term goal or peak of success is to build a large campus with amazing facilities that offer unique opportunities. This will take time but it can make a big difference and change the school for the better. When you put the project into perspective short term construction is supposed to lead to long term excellence. If the school could figure out a way to get all of the families and students to persevere through these inconveniencing times, we just might be able to find the diamond in...

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