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Can A Cell Phone Affect Daily Life?

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Almost every student today carries around a cell phone in their pocket. Cell phones vary in size, color, and brands. The cell phone a person chooses reflects their personality and preference. But this begs the question, what is a cell phone? A cell phone is an electronic device that connects people with other parts of the world. The first cell phone was created by Dr. Martin Cooper. Compared to todays cellular devices it was described as a brick phone. Today’s cell phones have more features than the old brick phones, such as touch screen capabilities. Today smart phones allow a person to make calls, send and receive text messages, access the internet to search information, update statuses, and much more. Don’t forget that games, music, movies, and other fun perks can be downloaded (Computer Hope).
With the cell phones that students carry in their pockets, can that really affect their daily lives? There are positives and negatives to every side of an argument. According to the article “The Cell Phone Turns 40: Pros and Cons to a Cordless Life” cell phones can provide a positive environment. They allow a person to stay connected with the world via access to the internet. Smart phones enable a person to use a GPS app without having to go and buy an actual new GPS for their vehicle. A smart phone can download many apps that will keep their owner organized, such as calendars, to do lists, calculators and many more apps people take for granted (The Cell Phone Turns 40).
Now there is also the cons to having a cell phone. Students have become addicted to their cell phones. It is hard to find a group of teenagers who are not constantly on their phones, snapping “selfies”, updating a status, texting someone, or playing games (The Cell Phone Turns 40). Cell phone text messaging has at least doubled since 2011 (The New 30-a-day habit: Teenage texting on the rise). Not only has texting been on the rise, the type of phone used has also changed. Almost two-thirds of teen phones in use today are smart phones. That is a forty-one percent increase since 2011. Now after Ofcom conducted this research, they also asked teenagers what their most missed electronic device would be. Two-fifths of students said it would be their cellular device. There students were aged twelve to fifteen (The New 30-a-day habit). There are higher health risks for students who hypertext. Hyper Texters are students who send (on average) 120 text messages on school days. One half of seven to twelve grade students admitted to texting daily for at least one hour and thirty minutes (Hyper Texting Teens Face Greater Health Risks).
Another con to cell phones is the distraction they can potentially create in a vehicle. New teen drivers can already be distracted by other passengers, music, and eating or drinking. Now imagine throwing a cell phone into that equation. Texting and driving is not only illegal in Minnesota for any age of a person, but it is very dangerous. Teenagers can be looking at...

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