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Can A City Be Run Like A Business? Fisk University Bad 330 Research Paper

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Shayla Richard
Professor Umontuen
Management Principals and Practice
13 June 2016
Can a City Be Run Like a Business?
Politicians are in the spotlight of propagating the commonly held notion that the government can be run like a business. With a city being a smaller sector of a business. It is a prevalent idea that is driven by their selfish interest of blindfolding voters to win sympathy votes and unwarranted credit. Moreover, it is a depiction of the betrayal of the prescribed understanding of the roles played by both public and private sector. Therefore, it is apparent that a government or a city should not be run like a business given that the two entities are entirely different from each other.
Despite the widely held opinion that the government needs to treat the country as a kind of business affair to succeed, I cannot agree with the idea that this measure is effective in the modern democratic society. On the contrary, I am of the mind that such attitude towards the management of the state can turn out to be a real catastrophe for the innocent people, who will become the victims of the authorities’ flop against their free will.
In particular, one of the most crucial arguments I rely upon is the unethical character of running a city like a business organization. It stems from the fact that the ultimate goal of any business is to make the profit whereas the politicians should take care of the equal opportunities and good for all the grassroots. In its light, the clash of interests may lead to the violation of the basic human rights and deception of the average citizens.
In its turn, the second explanation why the country should not be governed as a business goes with the limited scope of influence. By this, it is meant the business tycoons’ inability of making the decisions that account for the needs of the whole population. It can be illustrated by the idea that the businesses are always targeted at the concrete groups of the society rather than serve the rule of the majority. In consequence, the low-income families appear to be out of the attention if not suppressed and offended.
Those advancing this thought feel along these lines since they consider business to be more effective. This must be the situation, so the rationale goes, or the substance being referred to would lose a piece of the overall industry and go bankrupt. Just the fit survives. Then, government offices confront no kickback (Frankel and George 220). This is the reason we have long lines to get driver's licenses, ineffectively kept up VA clinics, sub-par quantifiable profits from Social Security, and so on and so forth. Were there a decision on where to be authorized to drive, then such workplaces would compel to make the client's experience a positive one or they would go somewhere else.
There are, of course, numerous organizations that additionally make the client's life extremely offensive in light of the fact that just being in the private segment does...

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