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Can A Lack Of Physical Education Classes In High Schools Become A Future Threat To The U.S Life Expectancy?

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Physical education can go beyond just working out. Physical education involves several different approaches for learning. High school students gain more than physical knowledge yet it can improve there approaches toward responsibility, their sportsmanship, and their overall community.
“Physical education hopes to accomplish, to engage all students, not just the athlete elite, in fun activities that will instill a lifelong commitment to fitness.” (Johnson, 264). Physical education in the classroom can be a vital steeping stone to the way that teenagers think about fitness. Lifelong fitness is something that everyone should be guaranteed, it mainly depends on the experience that a teenager has. Like many other subjects in school, the experiences that a teenage gains during physical activities and education can be just as essential as math.
For most children growing up, school can often be the first place that a students are introduced to physical equipment and personalized time set apart for them to work out. I like, many other student in high school, was given physical education class. The experience in class was not only a bonding experience between my friends and I. Yet also a chance for me to work on my physical fitness. Unlike my other class I was able to jump and run, stretching not only imagination and my limbs. In schools today students
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have primary subjects to focus on physical education class should be just as important. There should be mandated physical education class in schools because it decreases a teenager’s chance of developing health problems and the class improves the social skills of a teenager.
For all Americans, physical educational practices can be a key part in their overall health. Back almost 200 years ago the country thought of a way to improve the health of the nation. Many people were unaware of the effect that there eating and physical habits were effecting them physically. “In 1866, California made U.S history by being the first state to pass physical education legislation.”(Clauss- Ehlers,729). The state saw the effect on the people, and they decided to change. Soon, like wildfire states throughout the nation began to change there policies toward physical education as a class.
Yet today America has become the fattest nation in the world. “Percent of adults age 20 years and over who are obese: 34%” (CDC). Of the 34% of people that is nearly 125 million of the American population that are obese. If there are this many people that affected by obesity, there is silent epidemic among the population. It is the responsibly of the school to provide
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an environment for a child to not end up being victim to that statistics. School is like a second home, to many students spending up to 8 hrs or more in a school building. They should have the opportunity to incorporate physical activity into their day. Already there large umbers of obese children in the nation. “Percent of adolescents...

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