"Can An Engine Pump The Valves In Your Heart" By Jean Kilbourne. Give An Example Of How Advertising Compamies Use Sex To Sell Their Product.

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In the essay "Can an Engine Pump the Valves in Your Heart" by Jean Kilbourne, she gives an example of how advertising companies use sex to sell their product. According to Kilbourne, advertisement of a product is more important than the product it self. In this close examination of the message in car advertising, Kilbourne finds much that is strange, distasteful, and even ridiculous. Nowhere is it more evident that advertising encourages us to believe we are in connection with our product than in car advertising.Advertising has different effects on consumers; it changes their prospective on what is, and what is not, worth buying. On what they buy and when they buy it. Advertisers target a certain information or area for their product, and they know how to get your attention in order to get you to buy their product, such as symbols or slogans. What advertising did for a new type of car; how people reacted to all the advertisement, and how the original idea was changed, and how it affected the desire for the production of cars; what makes advertising effective for public relations and the ability to advertise to consumers" who the advertisement appeals to, is it biased, conflicting claims, and some times vulgar.When advertisers plan their strategies for the sale of a certain then find an ideal looking woman to model for ads to show off the car product, they look at who would use the item. If the car was a 64 Mustang "which equals love" according to Ford, The advertisers would and try to get other women to drive it. The way that the advertisers describe the model will also get your attention; they might say that the Mustang is not really beautiful until you are behind the...

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