Can An Individual Influence A Groups Perception Of Justice? English Comparative

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Can an individual influence a groups perception of justice?
Comparative essay
By Cara Semple
Harpers Lee novel, To Kill a mocking bird and Reginald Roses play twelve angry men, show many ways a individual can influence a group in many different ways, negatively and positively, standing up against the crowds and majority for characters believes and strong sense of justice and also can depend on circumstances.
Both Atticus in Harpers Lee, To Kill a mocking bird and Juror 8 in Reginald Roses twelve angry men, both characters stand up for their believes, values and go against the majority/crowd showing courage and as strong sense of Justice. In twelve angry men juror 8 stands up for the accused boy, going against the jury as ‘I can’t sit here and send a boy off to die without talking about it first’ standing up as the rest of the jury voted guilty. This shows courage as its ‘hard to stand up against the crowd’ and shows jurors 8 strong sense of justice, by not wanting to send the boy of to die. Atticus like juror 8 stands up against the crowd or in his case the whole town of Maycomb. Atticus reason for this is “I’m simply defending a negro man. if I didn’t I couldn’t hold my head up in town” Atticus in this quote stands up for his believes that all men are equal no matter what skin color, as Maycomb is a very racist town. Both Atticus and juror 8 stand up for their believes and values, but juor8 get his message across to the jury and convinces them on the contrary Atticus dost not and Tom Roberson is wrongly accused of the crime.
However, an individual influence also depends on circumstances on the group. Atticus choice to stand up to defend the African American man, Tom Robertson which angers the town of Maycomb which intern leads Atticus in to not succeeding to convince the town of Toms innocence. Maycomb is a town filled with racism and prejudge however, though Atticus failed to convince the jury her did convince his children who’ you never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view’ this quote changes the way scout views the world for the rest of the novel, although not fully understanding...

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