Can Animal Testing Be Eliminated Someday?

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Animal testing, for years, we’ve been testing chemicals, cosmetic products, and even cleaning chemicals on them. Why do animals have to suffer this fate under the roof of a lab giving them cruel conditions, measly portions of food, and even making them share a cramped, small cage with another animal. These conditions are ungrateful and harmful. Why would we test on animals, if we don’t help them? The reasons are just simple, for science. Still though, many animals, through scientific study, show that they, as a matter of fact CAN feel pain! And yet what do we do? We put them through tests that burn their skin, boil their bones, and eventually lead to a slow, painful death.

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Many people believe that animals are easy to use and are able to use for medical expansion. But their wrong, have you ever noticed that some medicines are good for animals, but not for humans? Even though, we still send them out into the world and eventually recall them due to the fact that it kills humans.

Now, what do we test on animals, many different things, like cosmetic products, and cleaning chemicals, and even possible toxic medicine that no one knows what it can do.

The first test I will show you that was tested on dogs and cats was Windex, this common household cleaning chemical was always used for windows, glass, and other pieces of furniture.
They would skin off animals and spray it on their skin and eyes, to see if it irritates them.

The next is mars co. . The same company that created Snickers, M&M’s, and twix. They test on mice and rats by force-feeding them and cutting open their bodies to see how their blood vessels react.

The third is Kleenex, this product we’ve been using for years to wipe away our boogers and sniffles, just to feel better. Well, this company tests on animals, too. They force all kinds of animals, big or small, to sneeze in these tissues and see if they react. Some do, some get even more runny noses and some get watering eyes that eventually lead to infection from the Kleenex.
There are many more everyday products that I can mention, but these were the most popular.

There are other options in my opinion for animal testing, like certain products are tested on only a certain amount of animals, or only use certain products on certain animals, to make sure some of them will be safe. Most animal testers don’t care that animals are in pain, but care about how they react to the pain. Some scientists say that it is for medical purposes to not heal the test subject after testing. But that is wrong, no pain killers, no sleeping pills, not even bandages after the tests. This is seriously the worst thing happening under science’s nose! They don’t even realize that animals are being hurt and the chemicals we use on them just make them lay down and die. I hope that one day, these so called “animal testers” are finally going to see what pain they are causing amongst our good furry friends.

“ Against animal testing”
“Each year in the United States, an estimated 70 million animals are...

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