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Can Art Be Immoral Essay

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Imagine you just woke up to the sun peering into your bedroom window. You get up and walk over to your patio window. You never imagined to be awoken to a more glorious view. The ground is covered in a fresh blanket of snow covering the landscape. The blanket rolls up and over the nearby mountains where the jagged peaks seem to reach beyond the sky. You see two massive elk breaking the first trails through the freshly fallen snow. You feel so overwhelmed with beauty that it leaves a smile on your face all day long. Is the beauty of an object a function of the way we see it or a function of the way it really is? Everyone sees beauty in different things. I think beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the beholder is as different as the beauty. Everybody is raised and exposed to different ideas and experiences throughout their lives. I think our personalities are shaped thru these ideas and experiences. Since no two people will ever experience the exact same things throughout live, this leaves us all unique individuals who find beauty in things we are familiar with or have had exposure to. When we see something we consider to be beautiful we are filled with emotions. We derive pleasure from within ourselves when we see beauty. If beauty were limited to only certain objects would everyone find beauty in all the same objects? People have preference based on prior experience therefore I think people would still find beauty in only certain objects and no one would see the same beauty in the objects. Beauty causes an aesthetic response in people, which is measured by each individual. A material object, such as a mountain, cannot feel a sense of beauty or ugliness and can not express feelings therefore beauty exists in the eye of the beholder and not the object itself. If Paco was raised in a heavily populated city surrounded by a concrete jungle and everyday he woke to the sound of traffic and sidewalks filled with shuffling people he may find beauty in a particular face in a crowd of people or a particular style of architecture like gothic. If Paco had been raised in the country and he was always around a more natural setting he would probably find beauty in things like rivers, mountains, wildlife or other scenery. Paco may also find beauty in a natural setting but, having been raised in the city, I don't think his aesthetic response to objects in the natural setting are going to be as obvious as his responses to objects he has been accustom to his entire life. Paco sees beauty from within and with relationship to his prior experiences in life rather than objects themselves. Paco may walk down the street and the beauty that may catch his eye is the massiveness of a skyscraper that seems to tower above the city like a king who stands before his peasants. While Joe, who comes from the country, may see beauty in watching a quarter horse gallantly stride across an open field covered in flowers. He notices the mane flowing in the...

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