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Can Cannabis Be Used To Treat Mental Health Disorders?

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An interesting topic that I came across while researching dug topics was the use of cannabis in treating certain psychological disorders. The reason why I found this concept interesting was that marijuana in known for being a gateway drug for precipitating other kinds of addictive behavior. Therefore, I will take this opportunity to check if there is any validity into the claims that cannabis can be used to treat certain mental health disorders.
My initial impression was how could a drug that centers on addiction be used to treat disorders mood and anxiety disorders? According to the British Journal of Psychiatry, cannabinoids, a derivative of cannabis, can be effective in treating ...view middle of the document...

As well, this notion is supported the research conducted by the NCADA which indicates that those who had used marijuana early had elevated rates of other drug use and drug problems later on (NCADA, 2010, p, 53). What was also discovered was that individuals who already use Marijuana might not benefit form the use of TCH to help with mental health issues. However, for individuals that not have used marijuana on a regular basis as adolescents or adult show modest improvements in depressive symptoms and anxiety symptoms with regulated use. What was also noted was that individuals that have struggled with past mental heath issues and drug use issues actually show adverse affect when the amount was cannibals was increased to treat their psychological disorders because of the afore mentioned coping styles are playing a significant role.
In Summary it appears that cannabis in an altered form, cannabinoids, can be affective in treating medical and in certain circumstances mental health disorders. However, it appears that limited benefits of cannabis are centered on individual with no prior drug use or addiction problems. Overall, I get the impression that...

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