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Can Children Raised By Single Parents Become Productive Citizens?

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Over recent years, more and more children are being raised in single parent homes. The question is, “Can these children raised in single parent homes become productive citizens?” Many say in order to become a successful citizen in life, a child must have both a mother and a father in a home. However, many of today’s top successful people in life do not come from a home with both parents. Being a single parent does not one mean raising a child alone, but also supporting the child needs financially and emotionally. Raising a child properly does not depend on the structure of the home but on the morals and qualities instilled in the child.
Successful adults can come from successful homes. Barack Obama, president of the United States, was raised in a single parent home and became the president. (Tierney) In order to hold that position, he must be intelligent and filled with good faith - a quality that had to be developed in childhood. Paloma Faith, a singer, says “Being raised in a single parent home kept her grounded.” Ben Carson was also raised in a home with a troubled childhood and became a surgeon. Carson’s parent’s divorced when he was only eight years old, leaving her to support Ben and his brother by herself. She instilled in them the proper traits in order for them to stay on the right path and pursue their dreams (“About Dr.Ben”).
Even children with both parents in the home can sometimes stray away from the qualities that were instilled in them as a child. Just because both parents are in the home, does not mean there are not going to be any problems. A child may be raised in a home where there is violence among the two parents. Vickie, a 15 year old who was raped by her father and abused by her mother, went to school everyday with a bright smile on her face. No one ever knew the struggles she went through everyday to hide...

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