Can Cloud Computing Be Secure? Essay

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Cloud computing services 3
Cloud computing deployment models 3
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Abuse and Nefarious Use of Cloud Computing 4
Insecure Interfaces and APIs 5
Malicious Insiders 5
Shared Technology Vulnerabilities 5
Data Loss/Leakage 5
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Task 1
Cloud computing is an ever-important concept in web development and services. Cloud computing is often referred to as “the cloud”, simply for its non-physical interaction with the user. The idea of the cloud is not new, it is simply computing offered as a service over the Internet. Since the early days of Internet, users rely on the cloud, such as email services like
Cloud computing services
Nowadays the cloud has more to offer and businesses innovate many on-demand computing resources for various target groups, from applications to data centres on pay-as-you-use basis. Often small and medium size businesses rely on cloud IT services, as it allows them to focus on their business and save resources on what would need IT expertise and expensive equipment. The services that are offered come in three forms; SaaS (software as a service), PaaS (platform as a service and IaaS (infrastructure as a service). SaaS allows users to run an application on any of their computers anywhere in the world by accessing the application using a web browser. An example of SaaS is, an online platform for cleaners and buyers to connect and make bookings. Trendsetters very recently include Parse, Heroku and AWS, which offer services and hardware to companies that simply do not have the means to setup their own infrastructure and need automated tools to bring their products to the market. The cloud services run on a pay-per-use basis and give businesses peace of mind, because cloud service vendors are experts in their field and provide excellent service that could only be replaced by expensive staff.

Cloud computing deployment models
The cloud can be deployed in various forms. Public cloud is a very common deployment model, whereby the vendors owns and operate the cloud service allowing users to use the service without purchasing equipment, software or supporting infrastructure. A single company to provide virtualised resources to all lines of business owns a private cloud; the private cloud is managed by the company and does not rely on a vendor. This allows the company to have more control and ensure security without seeking accountability with a vendor, which may not be trustworthy. Hybrid clouds use the private cloud foundation, but rely on public cloud services as well. A private cloud cannot exist by itself and a company cannot provide all IT resources. Hence, it is believed that hybrid clouds provide the best solution for large companies to take advantage of public cloud services.

Cloud computing is changing business since 2009 and providers are...

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