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Can Dance Be Considered A Sport?

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“Hey girl, what are you doing?” “Girl, I’m practicing on this dance. I been dancing and training for hours and hours, I am exhausted. “Although it is not a proven Fact, many people do not consider dancing as a sport, yet serious competitive dancers undergo the same amount of training as competitive athletes in regular sports. This paper will prove that dancing is and can be accounted as a competitive sport. Various opinions have been made due to the weather people think dancing can or cannot be accounted as a sport. In my research paper I am for and do think that dancing is considered as a competitive sport. The interesting idea about dance that I've came across is that it can be many things to many people. Is it a sport? Yes, it can be. Same as Golf can be considered a sport simply because it is a competition. Many Ballroom dancers compete, as well as dance teams in High School and Colleges across the nation. Is it an art form? Absolutely, some people paint on canvas and it last many years, and some people use space as their canvas, and their bodies are the paintbrush making their art more fragile and more fleeting than a painting could ever be. Dancing can also be used as a tool for political statements, a voice for those who move in such a way to express their joys or sorrows. Can dance be taught as a new skill? Yes, reasons being is because dance can be taught just as any other sport can be taught as a skill. Dancing and other sports are very different but similar as well. Dance is widely recognized as a holistic workout, providing for an exercise regime that satisfies the heart as well as the sole. Going much beyond the physical aspects of toning muscles as well as improving agility and cardiovascular fitness, dance offers one of the most multi-faceted sporting experiences. Dance, practiced regularly, is able to combat obesity in the adolescents as much as it can reduce solitude among the elderly. Social dancing looks back at a century-old history in most cultures. The recent success of television programmers like "So You Think You Can Dance" or "Strictly Come Dancing" has only reinforced the appeal of Dance Sport and induced millions more to actively participate. Dance Sport is clearly on the ascent everywhere. The distinguishing features of dance make it a perfect sport for young and old. Whether Dance Sport is practiced to keep active and fit, to train regularly for competence or for competition, or simply to have fun, everyone should have the chance to dance. Can Dancing be a very competitive sport? Yes, competitive dance is definitely a sport. It holds all the elements that normal sports have such as teams, competition, long practices, hard work, and dedication. Dance has always been place under the same as a normal competitive sport. Many people have various opinions on why they do not think dancing is a sport. For example I have heard people say, “There is no physical action....

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