Can Depression Symptoms Be Cured? Essay

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Many studies have been conducted on various ways to prove that medical treatments, therapeutic methods, family supports, community impacts have effected to person’s disorder. Phillip’s disorder might be getting better if he has appropriate treatment and therapeutic method. But Phillip needs to have a precise diagnose before treating. In order to help Phillip, this paper is designed to diagnose his disorder and gives him appropriate treatments.
Diagnostic information. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM-IV defines depression as characterized by a state of deep sadness and loss of interest or pleasure, which lasts for at least two weeks and is present most of the day (American Psychiatric Association, 2002). Base on the observable behaviors, we can diagnose that Phillip is being Depression Symptom because he avoids the social by withdrawing from classmates, fraternity brothers, then dropping out of class, and talking to the air on campus. The diagnosis of depression has traditionally been made based on clinical criteria, including patient current symptoms and history (Katie, 2013). There are many reasons that make Phillip becomes depressive symptom as: broken relationship with his girlfriend, family problem, drinking too much, hereditary or neurological disorder. Therefore, in order to help Phillip gets rid of this Depression Symptom, Phillip needs some changing in his behaviors such as: associate and participate in class, social. He has to restart making a good relationship with his brother. Also, he needs a better hygiene. The behaviors need to be changed as soon as possible because any further worse behaviors will turn him to be a heavy depression symptom. Furthermore, he may become insane person. The worsts of this symptom is suicide.
Medical treatments. The depression symptom is very serious and can cause profound suffering even death (Paolucci, 2007). It is not too hard to treat, if we have a good method. We usually have two ways of medical treatment for this disorder. There are biopsychology and psychopharmacology. Not only the psychopharmacology is needed, but we also need biopsychology. Because Phillip problems began from a secret psychology situation, the biopsychology is very important. Therefore, if we combine two treatment methods, it will help Phillip becomes better as soon as possible. These treatments take a period time. After fifteen days using drugs, Phillip may be getting better. Phillip will become normal as previous time after two months of treatment. But follow the scientists, to finish absolutely the disease, he may need at least six months. Thus, the treatment will not take permanent forever; it just takes a few months or even a year.
Therapy. There are more than one treatment can be used because each treatment has its own advantage. These treatments are the complement to help each other. The emotion contributes an incredible role in psychological therapy. There is a close...

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