Can E Learning Replace The Traditional “Chalk And Talk” Delivery?

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Teaching tools have changed dramatically from blackboards and chalks to whiteboards and smart boards in the last few years. Along with this natural evolution of teaching tools comes the internet with electronic learning (E-learning) as a great resource for students. E-learning consists of all forms of electronic delivery that supports learning and training. E-learning give students control over their learning process. Nonetheless, having the internet so close to one’s fingertips could sometimes hinder the learner’s experiential learning. Simple teaching strategies associated with using the internet make it a useful tool for students around the globe. Thus, E-learning is essential because it provides the student with an easy to use, one click away classroom materials. It builds and encourages student’s self-responsibility. Finally, it provides great accessibility, and higher education affordability.
E-learning is becoming easier to use and manage after the revolution of the web and the introduction of Web 2.0. The new web created a simpler, yet more active, interactions between the student and the materials being taught on the web, thanks to Ajax and JavaScript language used. These interactions include, but are not limited to, video annotation and captioning, or even dynamic 3D modules of chemical compounds, for instance. Such active learning interactions are the basis for E-learning. However, that is not the only advantage of E-learning, being an independent platform means that the content can be transformed into several formats. One of these formats is the Personal Digital Assistance (PDA), or in other words, mobile phone’s format. An interesting study revealed that sixty percent of middle-income students use a cell phone (Office of consumer affairs (OCA), 2004). An independent platform gives a great flexibility to today’s average college students with possibilities to get more support in the future. Those interactions are even a great aid for foreign students. Text captioning is one of those aids, as it provides an opportunity for the learner to get the most out of a lecture, rather than solely the main concepts. What these interactions offer is far more than just a student aid; they provide flexibility in this fast-paced world.
E-learning gives the learners a control over their learning process, and so responsibility. The instructor’s part is to provide the presentations and the media available for a specific course to the entire learners enrolled in that specific course. Thus, every member of that course will receive the same materials for their own benefit, which creates a unified learning experience. A unified learning experience helps to increase the intellectual development of the college students. Yet, for high school students it is another story, as the use of internet showed a gender difference in the helpfulness the internet gave. While, female students used the internet for emailing and homework, male students were more likely to...

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