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Can Emotions And A Person’s Perception Influence Or Change Their Reality?

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In reality emotions and perception can influence or change the reality of how the character or person acts and sees things. The stories “Hitchhiker”, “The Tell-Tall Heart”, and “Monster”, are a few stories influenced under the effects of emotions and perception. In each story they show signs of perspective and emotions. From either being insane or to where you hear different sides of a story it changes how the reader/viewer sees the plot line of the story. These three stories have evidence to this statement.
In the story “The Hitchhiker” has evidence towards the prompt. Ronald Adams has decided to leave his mom to travel to California. The another states these evident here “On Adams trip he ...view middle of the document...

On the seventh night he accidently turned his lamp a little to bright and he woke up the old man and he yelled, he quickly shut it off and smothered the old man to death. He then gorges out the eye of the old man and chop up his body. Then the butler stuffs the cut up corpse under a floor boards”. The next day the police come over because the neighbors has state they heard screaming from somewhere in the area. They enter into the house and they investigate every little thing they could and they didn’t find anything. Then of the kindness of the butler’s heart he offers the police men to relax and have some tea. He pulls out chairs and sets them perfectly with his chair perfectly above where he stuffed the old man. They start chatting having a good time. The author states that the old man has gone crazy at this point with evidence here “ the butler then hears the old man’s heart it raced faster and faster with ever movement and thought that was thought, the police men were laughing and having a good time, the butler took it to offence and threw his chair and ribbed out the boards and took out the heart of the old man admitting to the murder”. This story relates to the subject because the butler was going crazy because of the old man’s eye then he started hearing the old man’s heart race.
In the story “Monster” we have a lot of evidence of perspective. The main character is a young man named Steve accused for murder, and robbery. We have a lot of...

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