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Can Fathers Fix The Problems? Essay

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Can fixing fatherlessness fix our country to help solve other problems; for example, the crime and abuse that this country is facing? Castro shares the excuses his father told him why he was unable to contact him, and how his father still does not contact him. Blankenhorn tells how fatherlessness has affected their children and generations down, because the topic is almost always avoided. In Maldonado shares how he tried to help care for his son though child support, but it made his life harder because he had to make ends meet just to pay for everything. There are possible ways to improve society by fixing fatherlessness; some ways are therapy, affordable child support, and also make fatherlessness a known topic.
Fatherlessness has affected society in many ways; one way is to go to therapy. Therapy can help children dealing with fatherlessness, also for reconnecting the fathers who left with the children they left. Quassan T. Castro shared how his father used many excuses why he could not contact him or did not want to be in his life. If Castro and his father agreed to go to therapy they may have been able to organize a plan so his father can contribute to Castro's life growing up. Even though his mother was able to be supportive, Castro still wanted to know his father. Castro explains,“ Sorry excuses such as I'm going though hard times or I can't provide for my child are nothing more than cop-outs.” Using excuses is not going to be supportive on why the father leaves. Another way therapy can help improve fatherlessness is to help a child cope with life without a father.
Another way to improve fatherlessness is to have a less biased society when it comes to child support the women are usually favored. Child support is more likely to go to the women and in the essay I'm Not a Deadbeat Dad by Maldonado his ex-wife was encourage by the judges the not lessen, but to raise the amount for the child support. Maldonado was in a situation with his ex-wife with child support. He was involved in he son's life, but it was hard, because he was going though hard times trying to make ends meet by paying child support and supporting himself. Even though Maldonado was part of his son's life, fathers go though that try to participate in their child's life. The effects the fathers go though is bias judging, for example Maldonado's ex-wife was favored and he was left with nothing. Maldonado explained “I would now have to work over time just to make ends meet. I had less time to spend with my son.” Men who try to stick around to help support their child, even though they do not live with the child face, many challenges. For the fathers...

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