Can Food Influence Creative And Critical Thinking Ability?

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Do you have confidence in the truth that pasta for dinner can cure the inability to obtain sufficient sleep or what you eat for breakfast and lunch can alter your performance? There may be some general truth behind these ideas due to the fact that certain nutrients activate chemical reactions in the brain. Eating certain foods can increase the levels of specific neurotransmitters that can change your mood.
There was an investigation carried out on the effects of breakfast with its omission on performance. The study involved thirty three healthy students which were split up into two groups, one group had to discard breakfast which took a further two hours to complete the spatial and recall ...view middle of the document...

There is a gradual decline in emotions of physical drive and increases in sleepiness in the hours after eating a large meal because so much blood has been diverted from the brain to allow for digestion that it can lead to the drowsiness occurring. So by combining foods in the way that many of our cultures do it makes that more likely. So people that suffer from digestive issues like, irritable bowel syndrome, have to try and avoid mixing stuff. For instance if you start your meal off eating protein, you would then be geared for eating protein, but having vegetables with your protein has not been advised because you’re not getting the most out of it. It has been suggested by research behind food combining is that we need to better prepare ourselves in the way that we eat so that is can become more beneficial. By going back to the historical times in the that way we used to eat was done by what was available across the land and what we found to eat was very similar until we were full and then we would move on so there were big gaps between our eating habits and we haven’t developed our digestion to work in the way that modern man does. So In conclusion it is better to eat single foods than combining foods because we are not getting the same amount of stuff out of it and it becomes potentially more difficult for it to be digested and it takes longer to digest which means you have more blood diverted from the brain to the stomach, which becomes a distraction and it disrupts your critical thinking process.

The neurosciences have gone on to suggest that proteins can raise arousal and that carbohydrates can lower arousal. It has been suggested that protein can give you the better creative fluency, even though carbohydrates have been thought to give you the better edge because...

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