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Can Gays Adopt A Child? Essay

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A booming genre like comic books has specific characteristics that distinguish it from other genres. Comic books serve the same purpose AND are directed towards the same audience, share a similar context AND a similar textual pattern. The characteristics of the comic book are shown by examining the purpose, rhetorical strategies and passages from the comic book “The Amazing Spiderman” volume 2 #36.
“The Amazing Spiderman” is about a Superhero who attempts to save the New York City population from the attacks. He risks his life to help others and tries to stop the attacks that kills innocent women, men and children. “The Amazing Spiderman” is written following specific patterns. First, the writer establishes an idea then starts implementing it by setting up a plot that consists of the summary of his comic. He adds the captions and narratives while arranging the images. “The Amazing Spiderman” is written for an implied audience. While ...view middle of the document...

The comic book doesn’t solely inspire the readers through the content but through the characters and the diction. It connotes the events of the 9/11 attack and therefore arises a feeling of sadness in the reader’s heart and inspires him on being a better person. Most importantly, it makes the reader look up to the hero, Spiderman. It sends out a message that calls people to act in order to make a change. Spiderman is a great example of a hero who puts his own life in danger for the safety of orders. Thewriter uses a certain diction that inspire the reader; “God!” “How could you let this happen?” “We couldn’t imagine”. Pathos and ethos are used to persuade the reader. The writer portrays Spiderman standing on a building, looking at the damage and saying “God!” This scene arises a sense of pity and sadness in the reader. The writer also uses ethos by convincing the reader that Spiderman is the true hero and Electro the villain. He uses complimentary adjectives to describe Spiderman while using vocabulary related to evil when describing Electro. “The Amazing Spiderman” has a specific textual structure. A grid format of 30 pages is used IN combination of imagery and text. Specific jargon is used such as “Kapow!”, “Blam!“, “Zap“. Balloon tails are used to point to the character’s mouth and important words are often emphasized with an italic format. The diction is simple and the comic is reported into layperson’s terms. The writer wants to convey a message to everyone. He plays an important role in the comic and depicts a scene he witnessed. Personal experience inspires him and tries inspiring the reader. He uses rhetoric appeals to motivate the readers and make them gain hope even after this tragic event “We could not see it coming. We could not be here before it happened. We could not stop it. But we are here now”.
“ The Amazing Spiderman “ is an example of comic book that is defined by a purpose, content, audience, and textual pattern. The writer uses important rhetorical skills that persuade the reader and motivates him. The success of this comic is demonstrated through the reaction of the audience and the booming sales.

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