Can I Be You Dracula? Essay

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Can I Be You Dracula?
     Have you ever caught yourself amidst a fantasy? One where you hold all the power? Where you are the epitome of everything and anything everyone around you want to be? Where these very same people who revere you, feare you because you are what they want to be? In this fantasy, you have no conscious, no morals, no ethics, and no values- you are carefree. You do as you please when you deem it so, and no one will say a word, because you are you, and they all want to be you. Do you recall thinking this…ever? Welcome to the wonderful world of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.
     If you were to equate the scenario I depicted to the book, you’d be Dracula, Satan’s little protégé. In Bram Stoker’s book, all of the protagonists subconsciously yearn to be like the infamous Count Dracula. However, it is a two way street, for Dracula does want something that these men have- a relationship, of any kind.
     Jonathan Harker, the first of the band of protagonists introduced, subconsciously envies Dracula. The Count lives in a massive castle, is known to be the culmination of “class” in the East, and has a mesmerizing sort of power over Mr. Harker. Ideally, Dracula could provide for a thousand of Jonathan’s Minas, and still have funds to spare- something Jonathan is conscious he doesn’t have, and worries about. Later on, when the women find Jonathan, and begin to seduce him, he wishes he didn’t feel compelled to be disgusted by their forthright sexuality. He yearns to be like the Count, to have the ability to be surrounded by beautiful women, who hold the phallus, and feel no guilt for betraying a loved one, even if it were only a mental betrayal.
     Mina Murray-Harker, Jonathan’s eventual wife, dislikes the Count because he takes Jonathan away from her, nearly forever. She also sees that Dracula is very willing to share the phallus with everyone except her, until the very end, and she never benefits from it, because by then she is too strong willed of a character. She envies Dracula’s constant benefit from the world surrounding him- be it the blood he is sustained from or the fear he produces in humans that he feeds off of.
     It makes a lot of sense that Lucy Westerna was the Count’s first victim in the book of which we are fully aware, after all, she was most like the count, despite her apparent humanity. She was highly promiscuous, even if nowadays it only seemed like a harmless flirtatious manner. She craved attention, at quite a many expense, in particular, the feelings of those who she cared for. It was her blatant sexuality that drew her the Dracula, and that allowed him to fully transform her. Lucy was also a way for Dracula to seek revenge on the male protagonists for having something with this young girl that he could never really have.
     Dr. Seward, one of three of Lucy’s...

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