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Can I? Experiences In Kindergarten Essay

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When it comes to school, you have two options: you either hate it or love it. The ones who hate school kick, scream and cry rabidly as their parents leave them. They often sit at the door until their parents get to their cars, and they realize that they are not going to return. On the other hand, you have those who live to learn, commonly known as “social butterflies” or “teacher’s pets”. There is always one classmate everyone despises because they can never sit down and be quiet. If the teacher asks a question, they are the first to raise their hands. Does she need a volunteer? Do not worry, they have already got it covered. That wonderfully obnoxious child just so happened to be me.
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As I glared across the room, you could hear crickets. No one seemed to be too excited. Most of my classmates were either cradling themselves sitting criss-cross applesauce or staring at their new surroundings. They were all anticipating the activities that were to come during the day. Like most classes, our classroom was vibrantly colored. It looked much like a catalogue editorial. Anything you could name, we had it: easels, cubbyholes with cute little name tags on them and brand-spanking new kitchen sets, loaded with utensils, pots and food. I could tell everyone was trembling with curiosity on the inside. However, I was just the only one expressing it. Like most five year old girls, I had no problem blabber mouthing. I could talk a mile per minute if you let me. “What are we coloring? Can we draw anything? Do you have pink paper,” I asked .She stared at me in awe while trying to comprehend all of my questions before she stated, “Just give me a minute, you will see.”
I spent most of my time trailing behind Ms.Knowles, while my classmates would be in stations doing activities. Where ever she moved, I was there, stuck to her like glue. We talked about practically everything. I would often find myself telling her about my baby brother. “Sometimes when my baby brother takes my dollies, I cry. I don’t like when he does that,” I exclaimed. After I would talk continuously for a few minutes, Ms.Knowles would ignore me. If we weren’t talking about dolls or princesses then I was raising my hand. Once everyone adjusted, it became an issue amongst my classmates when I raised my hand to volunteer for everything. The class would fill with pouting faces and groans when she called on me to help. I overheard some kids say, “No fair,” but that was not any surprise. Hearing my peers complain almost became a second nature to me. Even though she would never admit it, we all knew I was her favorite. “Settle down, settle down,” she would proclaim and occasionally she would even tell me no. For the most part this was a daily routine. Having been taken under her wing, I was much like the class helper.
Nothing about this particular day was any different. I was on my usual “Can I” asking spree when Ms.Knowles asked for a volunteer to help wipe of the white boards. I can assure you my hand was the...

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