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Can I Pet A Python Essay

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The Burmese python is becoming a very popular pet for people today. So many people going to their local pet store and buying one of these animals as a pet without knowing the possible dangers that come along with owning one of these great snakes. “The Burmese python, one of the largest types of snake in the world, is an increasingly popular household pet.” writes (Herszenhorn 8). Just keeping this animal in a cage often times is not enough. The Burmese python can get as large as “18 feet, 8 inches” according to (The Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission 1). Before taking a large snake as a pet you must first understand how to properly care and maintain the snake so as not to ...view middle of the document...

The snake was not.” (1). Even if there in not a law that says you must do something common since should suggest that a 15 foot snake, that eats food as large as rabbits and chickens with ease, should be handled with caution and not allowed to roam freely.
A child would not put up much resistance to a large snake, but that does not mean that an adult would be able to fend off a large snake one hundred percent of the time. Herszenhorn writes “A 13-foot python, kept as a pet in a Bronx housing project by two teen-age brothers who hoped to make careers out of caring for reptiles, killed one of the brothers yesterday afternoon, possibly having mistaken him for food.” (8). Snakes are not always aggressive by nature but when food is involved they have little control. A lot of snakes mistake people or other objects as food, Herszenhorn writes “"When you are feeding an animal and it smells something, it is a completely different animal at that point," Mr. Taylor said. “When big constrictors get a hold of something, animals don't get away from them too often. When they smell something they are literally lightning fast." (8). Zoos have a different way...

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