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Can I Trust The Bible? Essay

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1LouSara LouMr. DeylingApologetics2 November 2014Can I trust the Bible?The Bible is radically different than any other book in the entire world. When comparing the history and unique qualities of the Bible, to books of other religions, the Bible seems infinitely more believable. The qualities that the Bible possesses, presents the strength found in the Christian faith.The first way in which the Bible is found unique compared to all other books is the fact of its survival. The Bible was originally written at a time long before the printing press. Because of this, the Scriptures were written on material that perished at a much more rapid rate than paper does. In order to preserve the Bible until the printing press was made, people had to copy the words over and over again for hundreds of years. The Jewish people took tremendous care in preserving the Bible. Furthermore, the Bible has also survived through a great deal of persecution. Throughout history, people have attempted to destroy the Bible. The Bible has been burned and banned, and yet somehow it has still been preserved. The Bible has also been cut up, criticized, and analyzed more than any other book in the history of mankind. Why would people strive so hard to destroy or understand a book unless it was true?The Bible is also unique in its continuity. The Bible was written over a span of 1,500 years, over 40 generations, by more than 40 different authors. Within these authors, there are a variety of different kinds of people including peasants, kings, fishermen, poets, philosophers, statesmen, scholars, and religious leaders. It was also written in several different places including the wilderness, a jail, a hillside, and a palace. The Scriptures were written at times of war, and times of peace; it was written in moods of joy, and also sorrow and despair. It was written in Asia, Africa, and Europe. It was written in three different languages: Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. Finally, the subjects and topics discussed in the Bible are extremely controversial, yet every single word in the Bible is in harmony. This means that the forty plus authors that wrote the Scripture were all united and in harmony. This is absolutely insane and unheard of, which shows just how unique the Bible is.The Bible is also unique in its circulation. Far more people have read the...

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