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Can Justice Be Achieved On Earth?

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Justice in the world cannot always be justified. Justice can be perceived in many different ways from raising petrol prices, taxes being too high and people being prosecuted for smoking marijuana and not being prosecuted for smoking cigarettes. We deal with theses things in everyday life. We just live with it. We have big global issues like should America just police the world? Which brings us to the question is there really a justice system that works?I believe we can achieve justice because ultimately we make our own decisions not somebody else. We have recently seen a lot of terrorist acts like 9/11 and the Bali bombing that have taken so many lives and caused great drama to families all over the world. The terrorists who call themselves freedom fighters do not believe they are terrorists because they are fighting for there freedom and their country, but committing the sin of murder to thousands of people. Does this achieve justice? I don’t believe justice can be achieved by the sacrificing of others is not achieving justice. Everyone has different views of justice but it cannot be achieved by sacrificing innocent people for your beliefs.The concept of justice I believe is an essential guiding principle in society and a complex notion and is explored in our legal system, morals and social justice because in order to keep a safe society we need a nation with good education to help people judge from what is right and wrong and an excellent police force to keep the streets safe. I believe our legal system was a big step in the right direction because it judges on what should be done to people who have broken the law. The legal system also gives people the chance to prove their innocence and for other people to prove they are guilty. We have people appointed to judge the punishment for people who have committed a crime. I believe this legal justice system is definitely helping achieve justice in the world. Arguments of discrimination in the legal justice system may some times be true but discrimination is somebody making a bad choice and there can be arguments against justice being achieved, however if the discrimination is not justified it doesn’t mean that justice cannot be achieved on earth it just means that justice cant be achieved all the time on earth. Although every legal system is different I believe it is helping in a big way to achieve justice on earth.I value our morals because god left us with some of his traits. Our morals of what is right and wrong are dependendent on who is defining them because there are many different religions and beliefs. Our morals help achieve justice because when we know we have done wrong we can feel the guilt inside of ourselves and we have a sense to do the right thing which god had left us with. We can often tell by emotions weather somebody is guilty or not but our legal system also prevents us from making mistakes on justice. People who do lie and don’t confess will suffer the guilt of...

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