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Can Justice Ever Be Seen After Genocide?

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Justice is legally defined as “fairness, moral rightness, a system of law in which every person receives their due from the system.” (Hill par 2) Soon however, major questions arise as to how this should be interpreted; is justice the ancient Hebrew “An eye for an eye”? (Exodus 21:23) Or is it today’s translation that is filled with posh prisons and amenities? Then, how does justice work when genocide is the crime? If justice is really “An eye for an eye” (Exodus 21:23), the criminal can never face true justice for killing thousands. Ergo, absent God, someone involved in the deaths of thousands cannot face true justice through court. After juxtaposing Bosnia to the Holocaust, the people of the world can now see that in the cases of Slobodan Milosevic, Radovan Karadzic, and Rakto Mladic true justice will not, nor will ever be, served in the Bosnian genocide.
Recognized as the “architect of the Balkan Wars” (“Butcher of Bosnia” par 26), the Serbian Slobodan Milosevic “became the president of Serbia in 1987” (“Slobodan Milosevic” par. 1). “In 1980, the long time leader of Yugoslavia, Josip Tito died” (“Bosnian Genocide” par. 2). Yugoslavia, whose army was controlled largely by the Serbians, was made up of the providences now known as Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia, and Croatia. Serbians (Eastern Orthodox Christians), Croatians (Catholics) and Bosniak (Muslims) people lived together in relative peace. However, when Milosevic came to power in Serbia in 1980,
he made things uncomfortable between Serbians in Croatia and Bosnia and the native Croats and Bosniaks. Croatia declared independence from Yugoslavia and civil war ensued. Soon, after seeing Croatia’s success against Yugoslavia, Bosnia declared their independence as well, but loyal Serbians within the country, lead by Radovan Karadzic, set up their own government loyal to Yugoslavia, (“Bosnian Genocide” par. 2).
“Muslim Bosnia’s were seen as race traitors to the Eastern Orthodox Serbs because based on their location they should be either Catholic or Eastern Orthodox,” (Al-Adawy par. 10). Milosevic supported Karadzic and soon the renegade government began using religious differences in order to obtain more land. Known as “ethnic cleansing”, this practice quickly turned into large-scale genocide after the Serbian controlled Yugoslavian army became involved. After the United Nations stepped in, an international court was set up. Known as the ICTY, it sought to bring justice to the crimes that Serbs within Bosnia had committed. True justice for Milosevic however, will never be attained. His trial in 2002 was delayed until “in 2006 he died in his jail cell before he was convicted” (“Bosnian Genocide” par. 8). Due to being “too ill to go to trial “ (“Milosevic Trial Delayed Again” par. 2), Milosevic was granted adjournment for almost four years until his death in 2006. In this prime example, the bell that is the adage: “justice delayed is not justice served” has never...

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