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Can Marketization Of Education Work? Essay

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However monitoring education is not without problems by monitoring schools by there level of attainment this can therefore segregate certain groups of pupils who may not be achieving the national average or even those children who are exceeding as they will not be provided with the support. This is because schools are more concerned with focusing on those children who are close to meeting the national average and pushing them to ensure they exceed it (Ball, 2008).

Politics play a massive part within education and is often the course of major changes within the system. Thatcher’s government introduced neoliberal ideologies, which advocated the free market economy with the right for the ...view middle of the document...

It did provide the parents with more choice in regard to their children’s schooling yet it turned a public service into the market. As there was now room for competition the government changed the way school budgets where provided. The budgets for the school used to go to the local authority however now the money would be passed on to individual schools and these budgets would be based on an allocation formula. This formula was based on the number and ages of the pupils within the school and the number of special needs children (Great British Parliament, 1988).

In 1993 OFSTED where created and schools were now subjected to regular inspections. The result of these inspections would be made pubic as well as OFSTED school league tables where created. The league tables where made up of the schools examination results and were set up to ensure the school was help accountable for those children who fail, this was also seen as one way of providing parents with choice.

Even though the marketization of education will help to provide more choice to parents there are a number of critiques to this way of education. One of the main critiques is the focus on the consumers (Parents and children) not being able to access good information about schools. Even when they have this information there may be other factors, which prevent them from choosing good schools such as lack of transport, money and location. In order to provide parents with enough information for them to have the opportunities to make choices there has to be standardised testing, curriculum and measurements. The results of the testing and specific curriculum have led to schools being unable to listen to the voices of the children and the needs of the parents (Bowe et al, 2010).

The author said at the begging of the essay that the main purpose of education may be changing, the private education serves as an important tool to help rise education and financial standards of the child where as the state and societal approach of education serves as a way to develop a sustainable society. However the purpose of education has to have a dual role of both private and societal methods. Friedman,(1962) has argued that this can be resolved by the setting of minimum standards for schools. Therefore reducing the requirements that pupils need to meet for the state. This would allow the school’s to be able to listen to the pupils and parents.

Overall we have seen that the marketisation of education within the UK has already begun with the introduction of Academies and Free Schools. As it is early days we cannot yet see weather these are helping with attainment levels but as statistics have reviled already they are making more progress than local authority schools. Yet that could be down the fact they receive more financial support that other schools (Coughlan,2014).
Even though the privatisation has allowed parents to have a choice in their child’s education and provided more competition through...

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