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Can Mars Support Life? Essay

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I believe that it is possible for Mars to have the ability to support life because of the possibility of there being water increases the probability of organisms being able to exist on Mars’ ecosystem, therefore the chance of Mars being able to sustain life. Furthermore, even if water never did or will, as a matter of fact, exist on Mars there is a chance that an organism is able to survive without it.

Bohr models are visual diagrams that show the electron cloud, the proton and electron number, and the symbol of the element which is representing, each element has a different Bohr model; Bohr models also show Covalent bonds between elements, where elements share electrons in order to become stable. The rules to make a Bohr model are (1) Write the symbol of the element and the number of protons of the element in the center of where you Bohr model would be. (2) Find the number of electrons (the number of protons and electrons are equal), then make enough rings or orbitals to put the total number of electrons into them. (3) The first ring takes up to 2 electrons, the second and third ring each take up to 8 electrons. (4) Fill the rings accordingly with the number of electrons of the element by making a small filled circle for each electron. Bohr models are used to visualize elements and how they bond. The six elements essential for life are Nitrogen, Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Phosphorus, and Sulfur.

Carbon is the most important element of life because it is the backbone of all macromolecules. The four biomolecules that are based on carbon are proteins, it’s monomer being Amino Acids, they are used for the control of the speed of chemical reactions in the body and they are also used by cells to save DNA in chromosomes; Carbohydrates are made up of units of simple sugars like bread,candy, and pasta, they are used for quick energy use; Lipids are made of units of fatty acids like oils, and butter, lipids are used to conserve energy; last but not least Nucleic Acids are made of units of nucleotides, nucleic acids are used for the storage of information or data, DNA is a nucleic acid because it is used to save information, and RNA is the restoring or backup file for DNA. A Monomer is the simplest unit which makes up a macromolecule. Polymers are large molecules built from monomers, they are like monomers joined together in a chain. Each of the macromolecules have a polymer except for protein because they are their own polymer, the polymer of carbohydrates is polysaccharides, the polymers of lipids are glycerol and fatty acids, and the polymers of...

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