“Can Methane Gas Serve As An Alternative Source Of Energy And What Is The Role Of The Methane In The Different Spheres Of Society?”

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The shortage of energy is already one of crucial issues in some areas and it is spreading steadily across the globe. In addition, the vast majority of the consuming energy comes from nonrenewable fossil fuels, such as oil, natural gas, and coal, which threaten the damage of environment that can lead to the global warming. Therefore, it is required to find new renewable source of energy, which can entirely ensure sustainable system and provide the population with environmentally friendly, financially available and productive energy (Turner 1999). The methane gas (CH½) is the biogas that is abundant in nature; it is also produced anaerobically by recycling the materials as wood wastes, ...view middle of the document...

The coal is the common example of fossil fuel, which is considered as a remarkable source of energy by hundreds of years (Mann and at al. 2009). The scientist A. Demirbash (2001) pointed out that almost 2.5 billion ton of coal is consumed annually throughout the world; the heating value of coal is roughly 24 mega joules and it produces approximately 6.7 kilowatt-hours per kilogram (Fisher 2003). Another point is that it is also known that consumption of coal has adverse consequences. For instance, because of the effect of сoal-fired power plants, the number of premature deaths reached nearly 24,000 and the amount of people suffering with lung cancer round up to 2.800 in the United States; the coal pits emit the substances as selenium, mercury, and arsenic, which are known as hazardous chemicals for nature and human organism (Finkelman and et al. 2002). Borole et al. (2006) argued that the methane gas, which is produced by utilizing the animal waste, is a suitable replacement for coal. As well as, the methane gas compliant with policies of the Clean Air and Energy Policy Act, because the biogas include measurable amount of sulfur (SO), and reduce nitrogen emission in the atmosphere than coal, and recognized as a clean energy source and it is also efficient replacement, because 100 Mt coal is equivalent to one billion tons of animal waste generated annually. The only disadvantage of the methane gas is that it needs the period of time to establish required properties (Jones et al. 1980).
2.2. The comparison of methane gas with petroleum.
The petroleum is another kind of fossil fuel, which is widely-distributed and accepted by a long period of time. It seems like a liquid that yellow-to-black colored and occurs purely in nature (Guerriero 2012). Nowadays, the petroleum has an essential role in international scale. For example, the vast majority, about 90 percent, of vehicular fuel depends on petroleum; it also has a huge rate of consumption, approximately 40 percent of total energy in the USA. The price is correspondingly expensive (Campbell 2000). Unfortunately, there are also enormous negative impacts of petroleum and the inevitable consequence of mass consumption. Moreover, the process of combustion of fossil fuel such as petroleum emits more carbon dioxide, which increases the amount of greenhouse gas and driving global warming (McKibbin 2010).However, in contrast to petroleum, methane contains one carbon and four hydrogen atoms (CH4), which means it has less hydrocarbon emission and less harmful for the atmosphere. What is more, it releases less carbon dioxide (CO2) than petrol by 25 percent, 16 percent lower than Liquid Propane Gas, and 30 percent less than diesel. As well as, the combustion of biogas does not eject the dangerous chemical substances such as carbonaceous residues, microscopic dusts (PM10) and benzene, contrary to other fuels such as petroleum and coal (Methane hydrates 2000).The methane also has superiority over the...

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