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Can Money Buy Happiness? Essay

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The popular question that has been around for all of time, Can money buy happiness? I was talking with a gentleman the other day at my work. He had stated that he had come over form Europe with only 200 dollars in his pocket and it is still there and he is so successful. I asked him “Are you serious?” and he said yes and you can do it too; this bugged me. This is why so many people come to America, right? Immigrants from all over insist on coming here because it’s the land of dreams and you can make millions…..NOT! We watch TV and listen to these people go on about how easy it is and we can all do it. Maybe, but it is stressful and horrible. No one ever questions if the rich people struggle ...view middle of the document...

They also worry about motivation. Per the article written by the American psychological association they are particular worried about this because if their mortgage is covered and other things then what will motivate them to work harder and will they lead meaningful lives? This article also states that this is where things get confusing not necessarily better. Rich people are particular fond of trying to figure out how their kids will lead meaningful lives. If we all focused on teaching kids how to fend for themselves this could definitely make an impact on getting more people into jobs.
Wealthy does not mean that all is fine and dandy. Most of those people are saying that yes I have money but I have other problems because of it. Kids have access to more things with more money, for instance drugs and alcohol. In an article by the join together staff, “Rich kids from Alameda and Contra Costa counties in California were more likely to use alcohol and other drugs than their peers from poor communities, according to data from California's Healthy Kids Survey”. Also, most of these communities the kids can afford to buy things like fake Id’s and they can pay someone to buy the drugs or alcohol for them. Parents from these communities have turned into a “social host” and buying kid’s alcohol because they believe...

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