Can Music Control Teens? Essay

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The importance of teens and their music is what get teens through their day. Everyday traveling down the halls of school there are hundreds of people with headphones. Teens listen to music everyday and most teens can not live without it. Music is what teens understand and it does not matter what type of music it is. What types of music do teens listen to? Some music that teens listen to are rap, rock, country, gospel, contemporary christian and much more. Do particular music genres affect teens and their attitudes? “When teenagers use music as a mood-modifier, it can be used to reinforce and perpetuate negative emotions as well as positive emotions” (Allen, 2013). It is clear that music has an effect on teenagers' attitudes. The type of effect depends on the genre of music, with some genres causing positive effects and others negative effects.
Music is everything in many teens lives. Music can speak to teens. There are many genres that teens can learn about and like. Music is "the art of arranging tones in an orderly sequence so as to produce a unified and continuous composition" (Yoshimura, n.d.). Everyone has a different definition of music, so there really isn’t a set definition. “There are many theories regarding when and where music originated. Many agree that music began even before man existed” (Estrella, n.d.). Music has been found from as early as the ancient in the middle east. “In ancient Israel a thousand years before Christ, King David composed and sang hundreds of songs called Psalms” ("What Is Music &"). There are hundreds of genres of music. Here are some important genres of music rock, rap, gospel, country, and classical.
Gospel music is “type of music based on the hymns and spirituals of Americans from the South; music based on the musical style originating in southern Protestant churches” (Babylon Translators, n.d.). Most people think of the South when they hear gospel music and then started to migrate everywhere all over. “Records show that gospel music started in the early 1900’s, but many believe that it started in the early 1600’s to the 1860’s, during American slavery. Gospel was created with a mix of sounds from the Africans and the Europeans harmony and instruments. The African slaves met secretly and used their voices to sing songs of Jesus saving them and freedom from the slave owners. “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” which on the surface is about life in the hereafter, but any slave knew it was about the promise of life in the here and now devoid of slavery. ‘Home’ wasn't necessarily heaven, but of freedom instead. Some historians argue that all early gospel songs were codified songs of protest” (Tanner, n.d.). The North started hearing more and more about the South’s music and their music began to spread everywhere and all through the states.
The South began to singing their music in many groups. “The four main groups that spread some gospel were the choirs, a cappella quartets, progressive quartets, and the solo...

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