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Can Nano Technology Help Clean Up Oil Spills In The Ocean And Seas?

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Oil spills has been an ongoing problem worldwide. Also, on a minor case it creates a hazardous effect on the environment. It is also very dangerous to the animals and their habitat. Most of the time, the damage it causes is irreversible. So the animals lose their homes causing them to be endangered. Increasing the quantity of oil drilling and oil shipping can certainly lead to a lot of oil spills. Existing strategies of cleaning up oil spills are not up to the task. Magnetic engineering (Nanotechnology) may well be the answer.

Why current methods of clearing oil spills measure limited?
Existing methods of cleaning up oil spills consider a mix of dispersants and burning off focused surface oil. Even with spongy drums, there's little or no oil recovery. Most of those techniques could cause the semi-permanent harm to the surroundings because the short-run harm they created. Collecting surface oil with booms and burning it creates vast clouds of dangerous smoke. It additionally leaves untouched, most of the spilled oil that cannot be targeting the surface with booms.
Dispersants screw up the flexibility of native organisms to adapt to environmental changes. They create the oil rather more harmful to native organisms than it would are on its own. Once applied in a very Deepwater setting, as within the Deepwater Horizon spill, they additionally do not eliminate the oil itself. Instead, each the dispersant and the oil linger within the water column for an undetermined amount of time. Only spongy drums do not cause separate environmental damage. Sadly, these drums even have low recovery rates.

The new technology uses water-repellent ferrous nanoparticles. Once these particles are combined in with the oil, they join to the oil and push back the water. The nanoparticles may then be retrieved using magnets, taking the oil with them. Several passes are also necessary to get rid of the oil from the water. All recovered ferrous nanoparticles would be completely reusable. Magnetism does not run down. The authors expect that the oil-water mixture could be brought on board an oil-recovery boat. This should allow the nanoparticles to be kept isolated from the surroundings, as well as increasing the retrieval of the nanoparticles. However, there is still a good chance that a number of the ferrofluid may escape into the environment, either with the recovered oil or the newly cleaned water. (Http:// January 11, 2014)


This discovery builds on previous analysis that developed the world’s initial magnetic soap in September 2012. Whereas the urban center, UK, technique uses iron salts that are dissolved in water, the MIT technique uses artificial magnetic nanoparticles roughly ten nanometers in size.
Even previous analysis within the same field goes back as way as patents filed in 1972. Most of those approaches needed branching channels...

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