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Can Natural Medicine Or Non Medicinal Therapies Treat Eating Disorders Effectively?

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It can be inferred from the preceding research that anorexia nervosa, bulimia, and obesity are all multifactorial disorders. Each requires a slightly different approach, yet there are effective alternate solutions for all three.
Anorexia is most effectively treated by nutrient therapy. Physical health is the top priority in anorexic patients because the disorder takes a large toll on the body. Critical conditions pushes care to a near-emergency level because the body can easily shutdown due to extreme weight-loss. Afterwards, programs such as behavioral modification can be later implemented to address the psychological symptoms.
Cognitive behavioral therapy had the best results for people ...view middle of the document...

This topic that is very important to me because I have experienced anorexia first hand. By delving deeper into anorexia, bulimia, and obesity it gave me a sense of closure.
I did not overcome my eating disorder until my senior year of high school. I struggled for over two years before I got help and during my first semester here I had a minor relapse. This winter semester has been a huge turning point and taking the time to research and write allowed me to close a difficult chapter in my life. I can confidently say that I’ve overcome my disorder and it would take something severe for me to relapse again. My research projected has helped me in ways that I never even considered.
There are two specific ways that I would expand upon my research if given the chance in the future. First of all, I would love to interview patients with eating disorders to gain a better understanding of their personal experiences with treatment. It would make my work more humanistic and empathetic by focusing on the individual’s emotions and thoughts while they go through each process. The program Jeffrey Evans has been working on at the University of Michigan hospital (which allows patients to tell their story) inspired me. Listening to each person’s audio clip really captured the human condition and showed a side of research that I truly hope to emulate one day.
Lastly, I would want to focus primarily on anorexia, even though all eating disorders are of concern. I could look deeper into symptoms, more treatments, etc. by examining anorexia alone. I think I have a predisposition towards researching anorexia by itself because of my own...

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