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Can Pregnant Women Eat Honey? Essay

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Honey is popularly known as a healthy food and sweetener but some women wonder if it is safe to eat it when they are pregnant. Pregnancy is a special stage in their lives and eating the right foods is one of the important ways to keep women and the babies they are carrying healthy. This article will help give you the information you need about eating honey while pregnant and dispel old myths about it.
Can Pregnant Women Eat Honey?
Some women are afraid to eat honey during pregnancy because it may contain botulinum toxin from bacteria present in the product. Spores of bacteria may be present in honey but the toxins do not go to your bloodstream because your body gets rid of the bacteria. ...view middle of the document...

During pregnancy, women may also benefit from eating honey because it:
Provides relief from insomnia. Drink milk with a spoonful of honey before bedtime.
Prevents colds and cough. Take honey to build up your body's immunity to prevent colds and cough during pregnancy.
Soothes sore throat. Sip warm ginger or lemon tea sweetened with honey to soothe your sore throat.
Please watch this video and learn more about the benefits of honey:
How Much Honey Can You Eat Every Day?
1. Do not eat too much honey. In general, it is not wise to eat anything in excess, whether you are pregnant or not. Honey is an excellent sweetener, unlike other types of sweeteners such as table sugar, which contain empty calories.Use this nutritious sweetener to replace sugar in beverages such as coffee or tea or use it instead of jams to spread on your bread.
Another concern about eating honey is if it would cause pregnant women to gain weight. Just keep in mind that weight gain happens when you eat more calories than what you need no matter what food source these calories come from. Your body stores excess calories from various foods as fat, which causes weight gain. You can avoid consuming empty calories from refined, processed or artificial sugars by eating a more nutritious sweetener in the form of honey.
2. Take only three to five tablespoons of honey per day. This amount of honey is sufficient. You can have one or two tablespoons of honey in the morning with your fruit, cereal or yogurt. You can also have another tablespoon at bedtime. For snacks during the day, have one or two tablespoons of honey with fruits, baked products, or use in cooking. Remember, honey contains approximately 60 calories in one tablespoon. The calories contained in simple sugars should not exceed ten percent of your total...

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