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Can Robots Have Or Show Emotion?

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In psychology, there are various theories about emotions. In everyday experience ‘emotions involve a triggering event that causes overlapping effects of psychological reactions, feelings and decisions.’1 ‘Robert Plutchik proposed that there are only eight basic emotions, and they are acceptance, anger, anticipation, disgust, joy, fear sadness and surprise.’ All the other emotions are supposed to be combinations of these and each emotion can be shown in varying intensity levels.Researchers have found that terms such as vision and memory are generally accepted when applied to robots but many researchers remain sceptical about the use of the term emotion being applied to robots and the possibility for robots to have emotions and emotional interactions with humans. Arguments are usually based on the fact that it is impossible for robots to implement notions such as self, feelings, experience and consciousness. So now comes the question, are robots able to have these emotions and are they able to implement them in the same way humans do?Robots are not biological systems; they are made from a totally different material and have different bodies. This is the key component that every individual who opposes robots having emotion, use in their argument. It is emotions which distinguish us from creations of metal. But for arguments sake both arguments should be taken into consideration.Advocates define emotion as ‘a complex collection of chemical and neuronal responses forming patterns.’ These opposing definitions lead us to think emotions can be something else for different individuals. The main problem is that all emotions generate feelings but only some feelings generate emotions. I believe that feelings and emotions both provide a crucial role that has to be accounted for when implemented in robots.This role is survivability. Emotions serve as one of the mechanisms that complete us as human and help natural systems cope with the world. Often when we are hit by a critical situation, time does not always allow us to make the most suitable action this is because emotions modulate our behavioural response and play a big role in the decisions we make.After knowing all these...

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