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Can Social Media Ruin Your Life?

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Think of the last time you were at a social event or you made a connection with someone. In several groups of congregating people you’re more likely to hear, “Are you on Facebook?” rather than exchanging phone numbers. Today’s society has converted the word friend into a verb form, for example, people friend each other on Facebook. Tweeting, tagging and status updates have become part of our everyday lives. Is everyone careful of what information they put out? Information is never deleted off the internet. So, what someone puts out onto social media can offend people, incriminate oneself, or even affect their job. A post that was meant as a joke can haunt a person for the rest of his ...view middle of the document...

However, you can also offend people you have never seen or talked to before. Posting ones views on politics is one way a person can offend someone and not realize it. Common problems people have debating political affairs on social media is bashing a person or group’s views on a certain topic or even using insulting names when referring to those with opposite views. Using appropriate etiquette when using social media can help prevent offending people. Your choice of language can also affect your social media experience. Using foul language or inappropriate pictures may insult others. Inappropriate pictures may send racist or sexual messages to the viewer. Choosing a side on any controversial topic can lead to someone judging you before meeting you, so keeping your opinions away from social media can keep from strangers from “judging a book by its cover”.
No information is ever private when it comes writing to social media no matter how sure you are that it’s hidden in a safe location. People tend to participate in unlawful activities through social media. When a person posts any information to social media they declare that information public, which means it can be seen by anyone, including police. Common unlawful activities include cyber bullying, sexting, or even identity theft. Cyber bullying is one of the most prevalent unlawful activity that happens on social media. Cyber bullying in harassment form can be unknown by the perpetrator. A restraining order against someone applies even through social media. So, if a person with a restraining order were to comment on a picture posted on Facebook by the person they are being restraint from, that person would be penalized the exact same as if that person were to talk to the person face to face.
Police can find this information in a couple ways. One way police view social media accounts is that they create fake accounts and try to befriend persons of interest. This method can be controversial, but is in fact legal as long as the police person does not assume the identity of a living person. Another of searching a person’s social media is by seizing a person’s devices while serving a warrant issued by a judge. This allows them to search through whatever...

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