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Can Social Workers Be Liable For The Safety Of Children?

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Can Social Workers be liable for the safety of children? I have always been a kindhearted person for Social Working to help children find a good home and have a better life. However, I understand that there may be some negative issues on Social Working and may have an effect on children and adults. Social Workers can be liable for the safety of children by not making sure children have a safe place to stay, not making sure that the parents are living in a good environment and not making sure that if the parents have other children to making sure that the other kids are not a bad influence.
Social Workers are different people who help certain children to find better homes for them. In ...view middle of the document...

If you knew you was not ready then you could have been more careful with having kids or at least give them up for adoption.
Social Workers have a very hard job to do but I believe that if you really love children and want to see them doing good in life then you would want them to have great surrounding and good parents to help them strive for good things in life. Children mostly teens don’t have a responsible adult that they can talk to but that’s were the social worker comes in at. Whatever you and the child talks about should stay between you and the child, not everybody else not even family. The police department also have a big role in the Child Protection Services as well to see what’s the problems and if they need to take anyone into custody for child endangerment. Social Workers have many cases to deal with but do they actually care for the children, do they understand what the child is going through, do they want to help the children?
Families can also be affected by family members that are in jail. Children may take after the certain person that’s in jail. Sometimes children may look at the person as a role model so if they are in jail then they think its okay and start following in their footsteps and doing bad things. But that certain individual should let the child know that jail is not a place to be and promise that they won’t go to jail.
Education should play a big part in the child’s life they should know that in order to get far in life you have to have an education because in today’s time a high school diploma won’t work certain jobs will need plenty of degrees just to work for them. So it’s important that the parents of the child let them know that when they go to school it shouldn’t be no playing. Yes you can have fun in school but there is a place and time for everything. So children need to understand that you can’t play in school or not go to school.
The history of Social Workers becomes very interesting to me. Research shows that social work emerged from the modern capitalist economy and that the industrial Revolution resulted in a mass migration to cities for work and ruptured many family and community bonds so that when a family member becomes unemployed they could become isolated and become homeless.
Research also shows that since we are in the new millennium the new art of social work became more supportive and modernise in the practice. I believe that since then we know that social working exist but we don’t hear too much about it. Many people say that it’s a very dangerous job to do because you never know what type of family you can get but I believe that if you have faith in God he can take you through any neighborhood and take you to any family that he sees fit for you to handle.
Social Working come from different religions that I didn’t know they knew that it exist different religions like Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. Research shows that the ruler of Islam made the protection of windows and orphans...

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