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Can Something Be Made From Nothing?

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Is it possible to take nothing and create it into something? You’re probably thinking how on earth could you take nothing and create it into something; there is no way it could happen, right? There is the religious view that explains that the reason why there are humans is because of god being the first human to exist. Then there is the scientific view that explains that there are laws, such as the law of gravity, which is used to help explain how it is possible that something can be created from nothing. The scientific view also explains the idea that the universe has been around for an infinite number of years, so there is no way that there was the actual first humans. Some would say that ...view middle of the document...

In his article he talks about how if all objects came from nothing, then everything could come from anything, and we would not need a specific thing to create a certain object. Lucretius talks about how earth’s first beings are what helped to create each individual thing and that each thing has its own specific seed from which it comes from. He also talks about how all of the actions of the heavens such as the wind, rain, wave, etc. have helped to plant the seeds of everything on earth and that god gave each thing a specific way to reproduce.
“For if things came to being from nothing, every kind might be born from all things, nought would need a seed” (Lucretius, 1). I approve of this statement because there is no way, for example, that a man could create a dog from a tomato seed. A tomato seed makes a tomato and dogs have sex cells to allow them to reproduce. The reason why a dog can’t be made from a tomato seed is so that there can still be the uniqueness of each object and so that there is a natural balance of everything. I agree with Lucretius position because he uses good evidence to support the idea of the first humans or creatures to exist were made a certain way so that they were able to reproduce and produce the same creature. I do agree with his thought on how nature has assisted with the planting of the seeds when God was creating everything that has become the earth. I also think that having the specific ways of reproduction for everything helps to keep everything uniform, for without it, suppose we take a seed and create anything we would want out of it, then there would be a lot of things that probably couldn’t exist or there would be too much of one thing.
The only thing that I don’t agree with in Lucretius article is that the wind, waves of the ocean, etc. has helped to plant the seeds to produce the things that are on the earth. This does work for reproducing plants, but I don’t that it does a good job of explaining how creatures were produced by god.
Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution explains how animals have evolved over time because of their changing environment. Darwin explains how natural selection determines whether or not the animals were able to reproduce, if there were multiple offspring produced and the more dominate were able to get to the available resources to stay alive then they were the ones to reproduce. He also explains how organisms have descended from species that lived before them, with some modifications. In addition he talks about how each individual in a population has certain traits that are passed on through reproduction, while other traits are developed in order to help that organism survive.
The positives of Darwin’s theory are that it does help to explain how different species have been able to improve their traits to help them survive. Darwin also explains how each species has its own offspring. This idea does agree with Lucretius because both philosophers believe that each species is meant...

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