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Can’t We All Get Along? Essay

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“What is needed is action --- action!”, quoted by John Brown, sums up the divide of the house during the mid 1840s and early 1860s accurately. Slavery and westward expansion, are two of the hottest topics in developing America which stirs up unnecessary amounts of conflicts within the states and government. Many conflicts have risen and many debates were taking place to see who has the say in these controversial topics. In addition to these debates the Mexican-American War was happening in the background and had increased the conflicts between the two. So in mid 1800s America, westward expansion and slavery are relative towards each other as they created problems among the north and ...view middle of the document...

The South was quite agitated since they’ve done all they can in their own best interest, which is to increase the amount of slaves so they generate large revenue from cash crops, and with the new territories opening up they could organize crop growth because “growing crops such as cotton is quite harsh on the land” (Irwin 4/29). As for the North, if slaves were introduced in the new territories they would have “a lower chance of getting work as slaves are guaranteed free labor after bought” (Irwin 4/29). With all these problems rising due to sectional conflicted, it started to decline in intensity the moment when Stephen A. Douglas gained favor from congress and won the agreement in September 1850 which eventually made California enter the Union as a free state (433). At this point the South had done all they can to try to get the state as it was on the dividing line they’ve created which separated slave states from free states.
It was all good and well until the Compromise of 1850 reopened the wound that was recently closed after the sectional conflict that happened between the North and the South. What arose from the wound was the topic of slavery, along with repositioning of territories. With five different bills, the fugitive slave act was the only winning gain southerners have obtained. Although they’ve lost California and were rejected to gain the southern part...

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