Can The Australian Government Guarantee A Safe Food Supply?

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The government and food producers do aim to provide safe food supply to the customers and the community but they cannot always guarantee a safe food supply. They do work to protect the consumers from unsafe foods by passing laws that make it illegal to supply unsafe food. The government also works to reduce the incidence of an unsafe food supply by setting up organizations that work to try and maintain a safe food supply to the consumers.Firstly, the government cannot always guarantee a safe food supply but it does work to reduce the incidence of an unsafe food supply to the consumers by setting up organizations that work to maintain a safe food supply to the consumers. The Food Standards ...view middle of the document...

ANZFA is assisting with this work. Key areas of the work include: OzFoodNet - a project to identify the incidence and causes of food borne illness by enhancing existing State and Territory surveillance of food borne illness, costs and benefits of food safety programs - a national report on the costs and benefits of businesses implementing food safety programs will be available shortly, National risk validation study - this study, which will be available shortly, identifies high-risk industry sectors where food safety programs would be both efficacious and cost-effective in minimising the risk of contaminating food, Food Safety Program Tools - resources are being developed to assist hospitals, nursing homes, child care groups, the seafood sector and the restaurant and catering sectors implement their own site-specific food safety programs, Food Safety Matters - this project will evaluate and distribute teaching resources on food safety to all high schools around Australia, Video for community groups - a food safety video in 18 languages has been developed to assist these groups make safe food for community events, fetes and markets, Training resource for Environmental Health...

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