Is There Knowledge We Should Not Seek Or Is There?

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Is There Knowledge We Should Not Seek or is there? Or Is Knowledge Inherently A Good Thing And Can Only Persons be harmful?In the modern world we have witnessed the capability of science to produce weapons of mass destruction and improve our ability to cure diseases. We have seen on our televisions the effects of the wars that were 'needed' to contain communism, and many witnessed the human race extend our reach to space. Anything known to anyone is knowledge, whether it is at a personal level, such as knowing a secret about someone, or having the ability to destroy the world six times over. There are some who say that some knowledge should not be sought as the possible damage caused could threaten life on Earth, where others insist on pioneering and striving to gain more knowledge. There is also knowledge, which some people see as harmful, as the Catholic Church did with Galileo when he openly supported the Copernican theory (that the Earth and all the planets move around the sun). Galileo was tortured and excommunicated, although his theory was correct.The question of morals is often used in scientific arguments over whether or not knowledge should be sought, as seen recently with the debate over genetic engineering. Such an approach shows a backward view to science, similar to the persecution of the supporters of Copernicus by the Church.'So long as the mother, Ignorance, lives, it is not safe for Science, the offspring, to divulge the hidden causes of things.'It is necessary to research this knowledge in order to understand every piece of information that can be found from it. Many people, for example, protest against nuclear weapons and how they can cause destruction. This is true, as the power of nuclear weapons is awesome; however not finding the knowledge would be folly. Imagine knowledge as a tree, with many different branches representing different sections of knowledge. If you were to trace these right back to the start to the first technologies researched by man, you would discover that the initial technologies were weapons were made for warfare and hunting. So to demand a halt to researching weapons, whether or not they are needed, would deny us the knowledge needed to continue that path, and perhaps find something that would greatly benefit the world. There are many examples now of this. For example genetic engineering was, and still is, being seen as immoral simply because it allows people to select the gender, hair colour, etc., of an unborn baby. It has also allowed tissue generation which is already being used to replace damaged tissue on badly burned people, and will eventually lead to the ability to create organs from almost nothing, which would mean, for example, that anybody badly injured in an accident would have their skin and any damaged organs reproduced quickly and save their lives.An analogy to explain the question (Is there knowledge we should not seek? Or is knowledge inherently a good thing and can only persons be...

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