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Can Video Games Can Be Good For You?

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In the real world, people automatically assume that video games can help make people smarter and healthier. People think that without video games; they do not have any abilities to learn or to mend their mind and body. Researchers tried to find a solution on how video games affect a person as a human being. They were surprised that video games are the solution to people’s problems. Video games can help improve three different difficulties: hand –eye coordination, can help people with learning disability, and can help strengthen people’s muscle. It can be good for you, confirm that playing video games can allow children and adults to have a good life with their mind and body throughout the ...view middle of the document...

The expert, Vanessa Harrar, argue, “Action video games have been shown to improve multitasking skills and might also be beneficial in improving the speed which people with dyslexia shift attention from one task, or sense, to another” (HealthDay News). Playing action video games can help increase people with dyslexia from sight to read. Alexandia Ingham notices that, “In the University of Padua study, showed that children between the ages of seven and 13 who played Rayman Raving Rabids saw an improvement in their reading skills” (Liberty Voice). Rayman Raving Rabids’ mini games can help the children increase their reading, but the children who play non-action video game do not. Action video games, such as Rayman Raving Rabids help improve the reading, which gives people great understanding.

Video games are not only to improve people’s brain, but also to strengthen people’s muscles. It gives people physical action and helps toughen their movement. According to Adelina Espat’s view, “Most experts agree that active-play video games, ones that require the participant to interact and get up from your sitting position can increase physical activity” (MD Anderson Center). Active-play video games give people day-to-day activity with game console; allow them to play any sport, such as tennis and basketball. Dina Spector maintains that, “In a study from the University of Indiana, people who received workout advice through a game called Second Life reported more positive changes in healthy eating and physical activity than people who want to a traditional gym, even though weight loss was the same in both groups” (Business Insider). Instead of going to the gym every day, a game called Second Life have a helpful improvement that helps people raising their movement, just like raising their movement in the real life....

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