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Can We Make Sense Of The World Without A Deity?

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In monotheistic religions, there exists a higher being that has supreme influence over the physical world and the beings that inhabit it. These deities are characterized as the creators of the universe and the everything within it. They serve as an answer to a question that Human minds have pondered since the birth of thought: what is the origin of everything? The Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, all use a single deity that explains and makes sense of our world we live in. Those who practice these beliefs are confident that the existence of a God is the explanation of how things came to be, and how things are. God makes sense of the world, and answers the questions that we have about it. Therefore God must be a necessary being, right? What if God doesn’t exist; could we make sense of our world without this great authoritative, managerial, creative essence? There are many theories and studies that aim to provide comprehension of the world using science and mathematics, in place of the assumption that a higher being is the determinant of all factors. Religion states that god created the universe, while advancements in technology and theory are beginning to allow for better scientific evidence and explanation for both the creation of the universe, as well as living beings. Finally, religion serves to create meaning in the lives of the believers through faith and hope, while science and philosophy explore the purpose of existence by providing logical insights on why the world might exist. We can make sense of the world without a deity, because the existence of a supreme being is unnecessary for the objective explanation of the universe around us and the one we perceive. Note that for the purposes of this paper I will be referring specifically to the Judeo-Christian deity, or God.
When it comes to explaining the creation of the world, Abrahamic religions define God as the source of all things. God, through the use of his supreme omnipotence, brought the world, and all the living entities within it, into being in six days, and rested on the seventh. This theory of origination is widely believed by those who identify as religious, and allows them to make sense of the origination of our world. Science however, attempts to create possible explanations of the beginning of life and the universe using tools such as mathematics and physics without the assumption of God or other deities.
In regards to explaining the creation of the universe scientifically, the best, and most popular theory is the Big Bang theory. The Big Bang theory essentially states that, billions of years ago, the universe existed in a singularity (an infinitely dense and very hot mass) that rapidly began to expand, and is still expanding to this day. Once the universe began to cool down, energy started to transform into subatomic particles, then atoms, eventually creating the elements necessary to form large planets, solar systems and galaxies. Combinations of...

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