Can We Say That The Selection Of The Best And Able And Then Educating Them To Become True Leaders Is Better Than Popular Vote To Choose Leaders?

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Before trying to answer this question, let me first talk about Plato’s principle of specialization and why he was against popular vote.
This paper will show that popular vote is better than the selection of the best and ablest for a position of a leader
In Plato’s just society, people should be selected for a particular work or duty in their early childhood and be trained to perform that work or duty. According to the principle of specialization, people of the state are divided into three categories: these are producers, guardians, and rulers. Everybody does their work and it is not allowed to them to interfere in works of others. As Plato says,” we should select for governing position people who showed themselves as courageous and curious in their childhood, as these are the main characteristics that leaders are required to possess” (укажи источник высказывания).So, they are educated to become the governors of the state since their childhood. He explains why people are to be selected in their childhood by saying, “That is the time when they are easily molded and when any impression we choose to make leaves a permanent mark.” (Republic. Book2. Part 3, Passage 377b). Plato claims that people in that young age are most sensitive and susceptible to the environment around them, and we can make from them whoever we want. But when a person has grown up and got more experience in life, it is extremely hard, even impossible, to change his or her personality. Plato claims that it is the reason why people must be selected when they are young .
We can find here the main weaknesses of his argumentation. As we know, all people develop differently, their abilities and characteristics develop differently, and evolve in various ways. The characteristics that were not seen in the childhood can become noticeable when a person is a little bit older. There is likelihood of underestimating or overestimating a person’s abilities in their childhood. It does not help to establish a good state. What is more, I think it seems unjust, because it deprives most people of rights to build their own lives, because everything is predetermined for them. Plato neglects people’s ability of self-growth and self-development.
Plato strongly opposes the popular vote in choosing leaders. He is against people’s participation in making and changing laws. Laws must be made and changed by selected few people who were educated to lead the state. Plato mistrusts people’s ability to reason and think unless they are taught so. He does not approve the opinion of the majority, because their decisions are not based on reasons and knowledge, but on a whim. The reason why Plato comes to strongly oppose the popular vote is that his teacher Socrates was put to death in the result of the popular vote. Plato was deeply convinced that Socrates was accused unjustly. Socrates, in Plato’s opinion, was promoting the enlightenment, but the Athenians did not like it and wrongly condemned him. It...

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