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Can We Trust? Comparing Minority Report The Movie To The Book. Theme Of Trust

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Can We Trust?In some point of life, everybody has been faced with the question whether to trust or not to trust. What is trust? Trust is defined by Webster as a firm reliance on integrity, ability, or character in someone or something. Throughout the book, by Philip Dick, and the movie, "Minority Report", trust is a key element that plays a major role. In comparing the book to the movie, trust in technology, trust in people, and trust in fate are a few aspects that show that trust is only a word with no meaning until it is supported by truth.Trust in technology is portrayed both negatively and positively in both the book and the movie. People often debate over the pros and cons of technology. A number of people believe that technology can only do harm to society because of the uncertainty of it's ability, while many others strongly defend technology because it has made their life more enriching. The pre-crime system in the movie showed that murder has not happened for a very long time. The system has done a commendable job in keeping the murder rates down, almost obsolete. That is the positive attribute to the system, but there are also negative effects. In the movie, Anderson trusted in the pre-crime system; a system in which futuristic crimes are predicted and stopped before it actually occurs. The heart of this system is the three procogs, which are the ones that predict the future murders. With the future prediction of the precogs, the pre-crime police arrests and "halos" the pre-determined murderer. How much trust can be entrusted in the precogs? According to the movie, Agatha was the dominant precog and without her, the other two precog could not produce a vision. The precogs were not supposed to be able to feel or be able to interact with the living world. Agatha proved that fact to be wrong. She interacted with Anderson and produced visions that she wanted him to see. This shows the system to be flawed and not entirely trustworthy. The precogs were also human beings, even though they were not portrayed to be. They, too, can make mistakes and disregarding this fact, makes society vulnerable to upcoming turmoil. For society to place their entire trust in the precogs is a mere act of ignorance on their part. Could they really trust three "special" human beings to determine their fate? The precogs were depicted as a part of technology not human beings.Another aspect to the trust in technology is the minority report. Precogs could have a minority report, which is another possible outcome for the destined murderer. How often or how accurate are these reports? Can too much trust be placed on the precogs? Anderson was the only one out of the hundreds who were convicted but was able to question the precog if there was a minority report. The system never reveals how many minority reports actually occur or it never really takes it into consideration. In the movie, the minority report is hidden from Anderton and the whole society. The hundreds of...

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