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Can We Understand The Language Of Animals?

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Have you ever thought, what is the difference between the ways we humans communicate with each other from animals?

Apart from the common answer that we can talk but they can’t, if we can give a little more thought to it, we will come to realize that in an inner level all beings are communicating in the same manner.

Feelings! - We express our feelings when we communicate. Any response is always vibrational in nature because feelings are vibrations.

A vibration based thought (energy) comes in our mind and our brain converts it to a corresponding image and then further we make sound vibrations though our mouth which is received by the other person who’s brain can decode that information(through the knowledge of language) and his brain flashes an equivalent image in his mind! (All this happens within fraction of seconds)

Besides having the advantage of developed physical and mental faculties the basic mechanism through which communication happens is the same in every creature in this planet, from the huge blue whale to the invisible micro organism in your body all are communicating regularly.

So the answer to the question- “Can we understand the language of animals?” is an epithetical “YES”.

How do Animals Communicate?

Animals communicate through their emotions, they communicate intuitively.

The communication that happens between the human baby and its mother is what these animals use in their whole lifetime to express their feelings.

They often physically express their feelings but that is simply a confirmation to show that they have received the message. (Flapping tails of a dog)

This could be better understood by this example- if you ever noticed any pair of birds sitting together in a branch of tree; most often you will see them leaving the place at the same time.

How did the first bird knew that the other one was about to fly?

They never spoke like “lets go mate, there is our food waiting for us nearby”.


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