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Can You Hear It? Did The 20's Roar Or Not?

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By any definition, you would have to say that, yes; the 1920s was a decade that roared. The noises of new Ford automobiles exhaust pipes. Families playing together,laughing together, and enjoying the family life. The crowd cheering on the Toronto Maple Leafs during another thrilling game of Canadian hockey. Women laughing as theyfinally achieved the freedom so long denied to them. Canada was roaring it's new found sense of independence and self.The economy was booming. Manufacturing companies were generating jobs by the dozens - and giving them to women as well as men. The Model T Ford hit the citystreets like a plague - they were everywhere. Cars became a sign of wealth, and more than fifty percent of families owned an automobile. They were the thing to have. Teensused them as a portable bedroom (aka. "struggle buggy"), and families could use them to transport themselves to their destination. The horse and buggy and other forms of mass transportation were not relied so heavily upon - what for? Everyone had cars and they made enough money to afford gas, now that mom worked as well as dad. Exhaust from all the Fords doubtlessly polluted the city - but who cared, they were living life for the moment! Canada was ready for a taste of adventure.The family in the earlier 1900s ran with mother at home doing housework, sister helping mother, father out at work, and brother doing whatever it was necessary for himto do at the moment - or whatever he felt like. Life was freedom for males, young and old. The Great War changed all of that. Mother began to work outside of the house; sister went to school and played right alongside the boys. Father was working as well as mother. Many families had two working parents, and mother and sister performed thehousework. The family ran smoothly. No longer was mother chained to the house. The family had more income, so they could enjoy life - going to movies (aka. "talkies"), or fora family trip to the beach. The Model T Ford helped as transportation. Canadian families were no longer so reliant on one person for a single duty, everybody pitched in.Family matters weren't the only things that Canadians joined together...

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