Can You Hear Me Now? Essay

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With the advanced technology today, phones can do almost anything. For this reason, they are considered an extension of the person to whom they belong. Almost everyone on the street, no matter the age, can be seen with a cell phone. Teenagers use them to text their friends while business men and women use the phones to stay connected with their clients and partners. Anyone who owns one must admit that at one time or another, a cell phone has proven quite useful. Although many depend on cell phones to connect them to the outside world, some users are quite rude while using them in a public setting.
There are plenty of important occasions to attend throughout one’s life. However, occasions like a graduation or a wedding can be marred by the jarring sound of a cell phone ringing at an inopportune moment. Unfortunately, when confronted with the decision of either answering the phone or simply ignoring the call and turning off the ringer, many choose to answer the phone. Not only does the call get answered, it sometimes gets answered loudly. If the call is important, a suitable alternative is to step away from the assembled group and conduct the call in private. This way the group will not be disturbed and the importance of the moment will not be tarnished.
Another frustrating side of cell phones is the amount of people that cannot divide their attention between talking and other important tasks. One example is when one is distracted while driving. Many drivers are involved in accidents because they are texting, talking, or otherwise occupied on the phone. Car accidents, while not always fatal, often could be prevented if one or both of the drivers would pay attention to the road instead of the phone in their hand. In the city, people may argue that since the majorities do not own cars, they are...

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