Can You Keep A Secret? By: Sophie Kinsella

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If you cannot be open with your colleagues, friends as well as your loved ones, then what is life all about? In Can You Keep a Secret?, written by Sophie Kinsella, readers have a chance to read from the perspective of a young woman with a desire to change her life who is haunted by this question. It is a romantic and humor filled novel aimed at mainly teens and young adults. The popular novel was written by Sophie Kinsella a UK born former financial journalist and the author of the New York Times bestselling books Confessions of a Shopaholic, Shopaholic Takes Manhattan, and Shopaholic ties the knot. The novel was published by the Dial Press a Division of a Random House, Inc. in 2004.
Emma Corrigan is an average young woman living in London, England trying to climb the corporate ladder of Panther Cola. She is a marketing assistant, yet she yearns for a promotion to marketing executive so that she can show her family, especially her overachiever Cousin Kerry, that she can be successful. She is offered the opportunity to be a representative from Panther Cola at a deal in Glasgow. She accepts the offer hoping it would help her get her a promotion. The deal is turned down and ultimately ended as a total disaster.
Later on, Emma gets on the plane and drowns her sorrows. Midway through the flight back home, the plane’s turbulence gets hit. An intoxicated Emma believes she will die and blurts out all her secrets to a stranger, who is an astonishingly good listener. Subsequently, the passengers are reassured the plane is fine. Awash with embarrassment, she persuades herself that she will never encounter the stranger who knows everything about her again.
When Emma goes back to work, an awful surprise is waiting for her. The man who knows every personal and humiliating detail about her is Jack Harper, an American elusive CEO and co-founder of Panther Cola. Jack ends up confronting Emma, asking her not to tell anyone that he was on the plane that day in Glasgow. Even though she is slightly perplexed about why he would not want anyone to know, she still agrees to keep his secret.
Emma decides to end her dull relationship with her perfect boyfriend Connor. A relationship starts forging between her and Jack. So, it comes as a shock to her when he goes on national television...

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